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The issue of what is truth has long been the object of heated debate in scientific circles. Some scholars believe that truth exists and consider its seeking the primary goal of science. However, many of them have a different viewpoint. They claim that there is no such concept as truth, there is only the multitude of opinions, and many scholars prove this statement by giving relevant reasoning. The mission of the editorial staff of «Idei I Novatsii» («Ideas and Innovations») journal is to reconcile the holders of these two opposite beliefs. We stick to an opinion that no absolute truth exists and cognition is an endless process. Such a stance corresponds to the genuine aim and destiny of science: eternal striving for fulfilment, moving forward only, and, ultimately, being committed to a particularly chosen activity.

That is why, the main objective of the journal the way we see it is to familiarize a wide audience of readers not only professionals in this or that sphere, with brand new hypotheses and latest scientific research and discoveries in various fields. Their implementation in life forms the bases of novations which make our life more comfortable. As a result, we get IDEAS (Idei) and INNOVATIONS (Novatsii).

Editor-in-chef Ludmila A. Kokhanova, Dr. Sci. in Philology, Professor.

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