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«Zhurnalist. Sotsialnie Kommunikatsii» («Journalist Social Communications») journal

Scientific-practical journal «Zhurnalist Sotsialnie Kommunikatsii» («Journalist Social Communications») has been published since 2011. Originally, its founder was the publishing house «Zhurnalist»(«Journalist»). Since August 2016 the journal’s founder and publisher has been the unaffiliated non-for-profit organization of additional professional education «The Institute of Regional Journalism». OGRN 1035008255897, OKPO 13391151; INN/KPP 5041022771/504101001.

The journal is included in the list of reviewed scientific periodicals of VAK (The All-Russian Certification Commission) in accordance with the fields of science and researchers’ major subjects: 22.04.04 – social sciences; 23.00.00 – political sciences; 10.08.00 – journalism (philological sciences). Date of inclusion – December, 1, 2015. The journal is part of the bibliographic data system of Russian scientists’ research papers – The Russian Index of Scientific Quoting (RINTs – RISQ).

The journal’s electronic version is posted on the platform of the scientific Electronic Library – www.eLIBRARY.ru . The journal «Zhurnalist Sotsialnie Kommunikatsii» («Journalist Social Communications») publishes research papers containing the material of theses seeking PhD and Dr. Sci. degrees in humanities and appeals to philologists, historians, political and social scientists, economists, instructors, lecturers, and postgraduate students of faculties of journalism and Mass Communication, and also journalists and media industry specialists interested in communication in digital era.

Editor-in-chief – Alexander V. Chernyak, Dr. Sci. in History, Professor, Honorable Personality in Culture (Journalism) Deputy Editor-in-chief – Leonid A. Rechetsky, PhD in History. Deputy Editor-in-chief (electronic version, content-library – Eugene V. Kharybin, PhD in Physics and Mathematics, grand PhD in Philosophy.

ANTRAN – Science Travel Agency

«Science Travel Agency» («ANT» – «STA», LLC) was founded on the 17th of September, 2002 on the basis of the decree mutually approved by the Presidium of the Russian Academy of Science (RAS) and the Russian International Academy of Tourism (RIAT).

As one of its primary goals the Agency is challenged with the task of promoting science tourism and providing-extra budgetary funding of teams of scholars of RAS and RIAT with the usage of tourism tools in accordance with the latest achievements of the Russian Academy of Science. The project supervisor is academician F. I. Ereshko.

«Zhenskoye Zdorovie» («Women’s Health») magazine

The popular applied magazine appealing to women aged 20-45 focuses on the issues of preventing and curing various diseases, taking care of women’s health and appearance, and establishing relations with people. However, the «core» of the audience is formed by women aged 30-40. We publish articles on medicine, healthy nutrition, cosmetology, and psychology. We mostly appeal to a well-bred woman reader with a university degree and a relatively high income (not the one with a degree in medicine) – a city dweller making an emphasis on good health, attractive appearance, and harmony in human relations. She, as a rule, already has a child and is probably planning to have more.

Editor-in-chief – I. I. Mosin

Non-for-profit Partnership Information Consulting Agency «Mass Media and Business»

Information – Consulting Agency «Mass Media and Business» is a team of professionals specializing in conducting efficient campaigns in the sphere of political, administrative, and reputational consulting, telecommunication business, public relations, creation and realization of major social and socio-cultural projects. The agency was established in 1999 and has been working since then.

Political consulting: Election campaigns of governors, majors, members of the Russian State Duma of the Federal Assembly of the Russian Federation, members of Moscow City Duma and local town council authorities.

Business consulting: The program of information and advertising support of Russian manufacturers «All the Best Is Ours» Program «Russian Manufacture Horizons for Mass Media of Russian Small Provincial Towns».

CEO – T. V. Novikova